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1000+ herramientas (Forex, Índices, CFDs, Materias Primas, Criptomonedas)

The services we provide

At Scala Capital, we have been continuously transforming the capital management industry to open financial markets to everyone from anywhere.

Business strategy

Join the millions of people who have discovered a smarter way to invest by automatically copying the leading investors in our community


Instruments can have different opening and closing times depending on the asset class they are; also, some contracts expire on certain dates.

Portfolio management

You can invest in two types of Portfolios: ScalaTrader Portfolios, which includes the best performing and most sustainable investors, and Market Portfolios.

Financial analysis

We constantly seek to offer technological and innovative solutions, quality pricing and transparent execution that help our traders navigate and operate the financial markets.

Audit and Evaluation

The company's mission is to provide global traders with access to the largest and most liquid market in the world, offering innovative trading tools, hiring excellent trading educators


Scala Capital is the world's largest community of short and long-term investors, with more than 10 million users from more than 140 countries. Scala Capital has talented and experienced investors

Plataforma ScalaTrade

La nueva plataforma ScalaTrade está construida en HTML5 amigable para Windows y Mac.
Tiene un aspecto moderno y fresco y una interfaz de usuario más limpia e intuitiva, junto con nuevas y emocionantes características
que la hacen nuestra mejor plataforma basada en la web hasta ahora.

Noticias y Calendario

¡Integrado en la plataforma, el Calendario Económico y de Noticias de ScalaTrade le ayuda a evitar perderse eventos clave!

Trading Analytics

Mejore su rendimiento general de trading con un análisis de operaciones personalizado directamente desde la plataforma.

ScaleTrade Gráficos

Expanda sus gráficos a pantalla completa o sepárelos para moverlos a un segundo monitor y tener más espacio de trabajo.